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R-App's | R-Apps | R-App's Unique Solution

If you want to run your local Server hosted application remotely & Securely.

You have the only option : R-Apps unique.

You can run your local hosted applications from anywhere.  Any application like TallyPrime, Busy, SAP, ERP, CRM, any 3rd party app’s.

Doesn’t require :-

!! R-App’s doesn’t require port forwarding in firewall and routers.

!! R-App’s doesn’t require ISP public IP.

!! R-App’s doesn’t requires client side apps installation, settings, time waste work.

!! R-App’s doesn’t require external Expensive cloud servers.

!! R-App’s doesn’t require Firewall.

!! R-App’s doesn’t require modifications in your LAN Systems.

R-App’s Provides :-

R-App’s provides high-level security without Expensive firewall.

R-App’s converts your local server into a Secure browser base Cloud Server.

R-App’s works under low hardware resources.

R-App’s solution replaces MPLS connectivity.

R-App’s provides end to end encryption.

R-App’s works in intranet(LAN) & internet(anywhere)environment.

R-App’s increases your applications performance and security.

R-App’s edge technology Supports multiple internet connections for application high availability for assigned employees.

R-App’s first gate filters the Unnecessary public users, hackers access.

R-App’s integrates to any 3rd party apps.

Why you fight with old legacy unsecured technology ?

Say goodbye to existing public IP based cloud solutions.

Switch immediately to R-App’s for higher level security and remote access apps for assigned employees only.

For demo contact us on +91 9922413519 

Email: sales@compaid.in

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