• 1. Access Anywhere, Anytime:

    • Utilize Busy Business Software from any location and on any device.
  • 2. Effortless Data Centralization:

    • Centralize Busy data effortlessly for both office and remote users.
  • 3. Secure SDWAN R-App's:

    • Employ secure SDWAN R-App's to transform your local Busy server into a cloud server.
  • 4. No Cloud Uploads:

    • No need to upload data to the cloud, ensuring data security.
  • 5. Direct Remote Access:

    • Enjoy direct access to data from remote offices.
  • 6. Robust Encryption:

    • Benefit from robust end-to-end encryption for account data.
  • 7. Advanced Security Features:

    • Access advanced security features for enhanced protection.
  • 8. No Static IP Requirement:

    • No static IP required for the server or users.
  • 9. Browser and OS Compatibility:

    • Seamlessly use Busy Business on various browsers (Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • 10. User-Level ACL Management:

    • Manage user-level ACLs, including copy & paste protection.
  • 11. Seamless Integration:

    • Seamlessly integrate Busy Business into your workflow.

TallyPrime on Cloud

Tally On Dedicated Cloud

Our Tally on Cloud Dedicated services offer:
1. Robust Security
2. High-Performance Computing
3. Enhanced Data Protection and Security
4. No Public IP addresses
5. Anytime, Anywhere Access
6. Data Protection and Recovery
7. Restricted Acess

TallyPrime In-house Cloud

Tally In-house Cloud

1. Safeguard your Tally Data within the confines of your office premises – no reliance on third-party cloud hosting.
2. Grant secure access to designated employees only, ensuring data safety from unauthorized access and potential hackers.

TallyPrime on Browser

Tally On Browser

1. No more data leaks, no attacks on your cloud servers.
2. No static IP, No hacks.
3. SDWAN-based R-App's provide high-level security for your financial accounting data. Secure your Tallyprime on Cloud with R-App's.
4. Don't wait for cyberattacks on your Tallyprime or Busy cloud servers.
5. Switch to proven technology with R-App's for ultimate security.


1. Centralized Policy Management.
2. SD-WAN Controller.
3. Real-Time Visualization.
4. ISP Failover and Load Balancing.
5. Multiple ISP Support.
6. Unique Edge Connectivity.
7. Elimination of Third-Party Softwares.

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