Tally On Dedicated Cloud

Elevate Your Tally Experience with R-App’s Smart Solution

  • Bypass Cloud Worries:

    • Keep sensitive data within your cloud server, eliminating the risks associated with cloud breaches.
  • Empower Your Team with Remote Access:

    • Grant exclusive access to locally hosted applications and data from any location and device, shielding against external threats.
  • Fortify Your Applications with Ultimate Security:

    • Ensure top-tier security with centralized access limited to assigned employees.
  • Reliability and Network Flexibility:

    • Built-in features, multiple ISP support, failover, and load balancing ensure high availability for locally hosted applications. No static IP required.
  • Unleash the Power of SDWAN:

    • Go beyond hosting; unlock the full potential of SDWAN, elevating your network’s performance and reliability.
  • Ready to Embrace R-App’s Ingenuity?

    • Contact us to delve into our robust server security and remote access solution.
  • Seize Control of Your Data:

    • Cut costs and fortify the security of your applications with R-App’s groundbreaking solution.
  • Embrace the Future of Local Server Hosting.

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